Согласие на обработку персональных данных

In accordance with the requirements on Personal Data Protection, I (hereinafter referred to as the
User) provide voluntary consent to the Company (hereinafter referred to as simply the Operator), to
perform processing of the personal information provided by me, including:

  1. last name, first name and patronymic;

  2. region and city of registration and actual residence;

  3. email address;

  4. personal data contained in open and (or) publicly available sources, including on the

  5. other information contained in the documents provided by the User to the Company (hereinafter
    referred to as Personal Data).

The information provided by me can also be used for:

  1. offers of the Company's products and services, as well as of the Company's partners;

  2. providing discounts and preferential conditions for granting loans; improving the usability of
    the Company's products and services,

  3. creation of new products and services of the Company; collection, processing and presentation of
    statistical data, big data and other research;

The Company will process Personal Data using automation tools, as well as without the use of such

This consent to the processing of the User's Personal Data is valid for the period necessary to
achieve the goals specified above, but not less than 5 (five) years after its provision, as well as
subsequently for the period necessary for the purposes of compliance with applicable

Consent is granted for any operations or the amount of operations for which it is necessary to use
automation tools or to perform operations without the use of these tools. Operations include:
collection, recording, systematization of information, accumulation, storage, clarification,
extraction, transfer, blocking, depersonalization, deletion of personal data.. It is performed for
the purposes related to the provision of services (execution of agreements with the User),
identification of the User as a party under agreements and contracts, provision of personalized
Services to the User for communication with the user, including for such operations as sending
notifications (requests and other information) related to the use of Services, as well as for the
prompt processing of requests from the user, significant improvement of the quality of Services,
convenience of their use, development of new Services and Services, performing statistical or other
research based on depersonalized data and for other purposes that were previously defined in the
Operator's Charter.

I express my consent that the Operator, under its sole responsibility, has the right to give an order
for the processing of personal information to any 3rd person, guided by its discretion. My personal
data may be transferred to the 3rd party and the receipt of personal data from the 3rd party may be
carried out by the personal data operators from the moment of signing this consent. I express my
consent to the processing of my personal data and other above-mentioned actions without limiting the
validity period, that is, without restrictions. I am hereby notified that this consent can be
revoked by me by sending a corresponding notification of its revocation, which must be sent to the
Operator by e-mail or by registered mail with a notification of delivery.