Условия пользования сайтом

Date of the last revision update: 21.07.2023

User Agreement This agreement is addressed to the Clients and is an official and public offer of the
Company, the subject and conditions of which are indicated in the corresponding section of the
website skill-source.top. The client, accepting the terms of this agreement (hereinafter referred to
as the Agreement), accepts the terms of the following:

Terms used:

Product, Service – an offer of the Company for the sale of entertainment and information materials
(EIM) for the Client.

EIM – entertainment and informational material;

Order – a properly executed and paid order of the Client to the Seller.

Client, User – a capable individual, who has placed orders and purchases the Product, which are
presented on the website on the Internet skill-source.top, for their personal purposes not related
to the implementation of entrepreneurial activities.

The Company (or the site skill-source.top) – is a legal entity established in accordance with the
Legislation of the United Kingdom, which operates the site skill-source.top.

Website – the Company's website located at skill-source.top and containing all the signs of a public

Tariffs – types and amounts of remuneration to the Company for providing EIM to the Client;

Personal account – the Company's internal website containing customer data, such as: name, email
address and provides access for downloading EIM (entertainment and information materials), according
to the Tariffs;

Subscription – recurring payments that require confirmation from the Client only when placing an
Order or the first payment for the Product.

Other terms and definitions found in the text of these Terms are interpreted by the Parties in
accordance with the usual rules for the interpretation of the relevant terms that have developed on
the Internet.


    1. By ordering the Product through the Site, the Client unconditionally agrees to the terms
      of this Agreement set forth below.

    2. This Agreement, as well as information about the Product presented on the Site, is a
      public offer in accordance with international law.

    3. The company has the right to amend this Agreement without prior notice. Changes to the
      terms of the Agreement come into force after their publication on the Site and apply to
      any Order made after publication.

    4. The Client agrees to the transfer of his personal data to the Company (as provided in
      Section 6 of this Agreement), information on the Order, and agrees to comply with the
      terms of the Agreement by filling out the columns in the appropriate columns when
      placing an Order on the Site.

  2. Cost for the provision of services and calculation procedure

    1. The cost of the Company's Product is set by the Company in the Tariffs published on the

    2. In order to receive the Product, the Client needs to pay by credit card (VISA,
      MASTERCARD) when making a purchase on the Payment page. There must be a positive
      balance on the card. By making a payment, the Client agrees with the public subscription
      offer and consents to the processing of personal data and receipt of advertising
      materials. The Client also confirms that he has been notified of the write-off USD use
      of the Product at intervals according to the Tariff plans posted on the website and
      instructs the operator to apply recurring payments. The current and archived tariffs are
      posted on the website in the "Tariffs" section. Security of payments is carried out with
      the help of EQUIER BANK, which operates on the basis of modern protocols and
      technologies developed by the international payment systems VISA International and
      MasterCard International (3D Secure, USAF). The security of the transmitted information
      is ensured using modern Internet security protocols (SSL / TLS).

    3. In the event of a shortage of funds on the card, the Client agrees to partially write
      off the cost of using the Product.

    4. The Company has the right to unilaterally change (increase, decrease), establish new,
      cancel existing Tariffs in whole or in part. If the Client does not agree with the
      change (introduction) of new Tariffs, the Client has the right to unilaterally refuse to
      execute this Agreement.

    5. Payment of remuneration is made by the Client in the manner prescribed for the
      respective Tariff and published on the website in the Tariffs section, or at the bottom
      of each page of the website. A different payment procedure is possible in accordance
      with the terms of the promotion (special offer).

    6. If there are not enough funds on the Client's Bank card - the Company provides the
      Product to the Client according to the post-payment scheme, by automatically debiting
      funds from the Client's Bank card in full or in part.

    7. Payment for the Company's Product is carried out using a bank card on the Site (or by
      other means by prior agreement with the Company, including using Internet technologies
      that do not contradict the law).

    8. Refunds to the Client are made only to the bank (payment) card with which the payment
      for the Company's Order was made. If, for any reason, the Client needs to receive funds
      not to the bank (payment) card with which the Company was used to pay for the Order, the
      Client must inform about this and act in accordance with the algorithm of actions
      provided by the Company.

    9. The Client hereby understands and fully understands that the Company makes a refund
      immediately after it has assumed the appropriate return obligation, and the final refund
      period depends on the participants in the respective payment transaction to return the
      funds to the Client.

    10. The decision to return funds to the Client is made on the basis of a claim submitted by
      the Client to the Company. The term for consideration of the Client's claim (demand) for
      the return of funds to his Card account upon successful payment of the Company's Order
      is 30 working days. In the event of a failure in the System and / or in the interaction
      between the Settlement Bank, the Company, as a result of which the Payment made by the
      Client in compliance with the provisions of this Offer was not received by the Company,
      the funds are returned to the source of payment from which the Client sent the Order for
      payment. Refunds at the request of the Client are carried out within 30 (Thirty) working
      days from the date of receipt of the application by the Company.

    11. The client has the right to refuse further provision of services by the Company, as well
      as subscription to the service, by notifying in free form in writing to the email
      address Company, indicating the email address specified during registration. The company
      terminates the agreement within 10 (ten) business days, and also deletes the client's
      data from its database upon request.

    12. Funds debited from the Client's Card for the Subscription payment according to the
      Tariffs are not subject to refund after access to informative entertainment materials
      has been granted.

    13. Non-compliance of the Services purchased with the subjective expectations of the Client
      cannot be regarded as a reason for the refund to the money the Client paid.

  3. TIME

    1. This Agreement remains in full force and effect as long as you use the Site and / or are
      its User (Client). The user can terminate his membership and / or cancel any of the
      current subscription options at any time, for any reason, by contacting the Site Support
      Service or through the special “Cancel” button on the Site.

    2. The Company reserves the right to cancel the User's subscription. The Company is not
      obliged to notify the User before canceling his subscription if the Company has reason
      to believe that the User has violated the terms of the Agreement. The Company is not
      obliged to disclose the reason for deleting the User's account; in some cases, the
      disclosure of such information may be prohibited. After the termination of the User's
      subscription, all conditions that by their nature may remain valid after the termination
      of this Agreement will continue to apply after such termination.

    3. If the User cancels his subscription through the Site, the Company may ask to indicate
      the reason for the refusal. If the User unsubscribes, the Company may need a reasonable
      time to process such a request. If the User unsubscribes from the subscription, after
      the cancellation, all the benefits of Premium Access will become unavailable for the
      User. At the same time, under no circumstances does the User have the right to demand
      reimbursement of any part of the subscription fee paid for the selected Tariff. The
      indicated amount is a reimbursement of the Company's expenses in connection with the
      provision of the opportunity to use the Site and the provision of services under this


    1. The website is intended solely for the personal use of Users, not related to making a
      profit. It is prohibited to use the Site for any commercial purposes. Organizations,
      companies and / or enterprises cannot be Users of the Site, and also cannot use its
      Services for their own purposes. Illegal and / or unauthorized use of the Site is
      prosecuted, and appropriate lawful actions may be taken, including the registration of a
      civil, criminal or legal claim.


    1. The Company is not responsible for damage caused to the Client as a result of improper
      performance by the Company of its obligations to sell the Product ordered on the Site.

    2. The Site does not give guarantees of safety, possibilities of use, as well as guarantees
      for other characteristics of the Products presented on the Site. EIM presented on the
      Site can be potentially hazardous to health. It is imperative to consult a physician
      before using the Product. Responsibility for the use of the Product lies with the

    3. The Company is not responsible for the failure to achieve the desired results by the
      Client in case of improper performance.

    4. The Company may refuse to provide the Product for objective reasons or in cases of
      violation by the Client of the rules established by the Company.

    5. Under no circumstances will the company or its representatives be liable to the client
      or to any third parties for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage, including
      lost profits or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation caused in
      connection with the use of the site, the content of the site or other materials to which
      the client or other persons gained access using the site, even if the site
      administration did not warn or indicate the possibility of such harm.


    1. When registering on the Site, the Client provides the Company with the following data:
      email address, name, eating habits, physical data, behavior habits. The Company has the
      right to use this information to fulfill its obligations to the Client. The Client is
      responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

    2. The company uses the information:

      • to register the Client on the Website and Personal Account;

      • to fulfill their obligations to the Client;

      • to evaluate and analyze the work of the Site;

    3. By providing his personal data when registering on the site, the Client gives the
      Company his voluntary consent to the processing and use of his personal data, for the
      purposes determined by the Company, as well as for the purpose of promoting by the
      Company its services in various ways, including through automated analysis personal
      data, as well as their transfer to third parties and cross-border transfer, without
      limitation of the validity period.

    4. The Company undertakes not to disclose the information received from the Client. It is
      not considered a violation for the Company to provide information to agents and third
      parties acting on the basis of an agreement with the Company to fulfill obligations to
      the Client. It is not considered a violation of the obligations to disclose information
      in accordance with the reasonable and applicable requirements of the law. The Company
      has the right to use the "cookies" technology. "Cookies" do not contain confidential
      information and are not transmitted to third parties. The Company receives information
      about the IP address of the Site visitor. This information is not used to establish the
      identity of the Client, except in cases of fraudulent actions of the Client.

    5. If the Client does not want his personal data to be processed, he should contact the
      Company's Customer Support Service. In this case, all the information received from the
      Client is deleted from the Company's client base, and the Client will not have access to
      the Site and the ability to place orders.

    6. The Company is obliged not to disclose the Client's data to third parties, except in
      cases when they act on the basis of a contract concluded with the Company in order to
      fulfill the Company's obligations to its Client and when the obligation of such
      disclosure is established by the requirements of the law.

    7. The Company is not responsible for the information provided by the Client on the Website
      in a public form.

    8. The Client is responsible for the accuracy of the personal data transmitted to the


    1. The Company provides assistance and guidance through its Customer Service
      representatives ("Support"). By communicating with our Customer Service representatives,
      you agree not to behave in an offensive, obscene, threatening, offensive, sexual,
      racial, or otherwise inappropriate manner. If we feel that your behavior towards any of
      our Customer Service representatives or other employees is threatening or offensive, we
      reserve the right to cancel your subscription without refund of any unused fees.


    1. In order to delete an account, you must leave a request to the technical support mail
      with a reason for deleting the account. Within 48 hours, the user must send a request to
      technical support to cancel / stop the subscription with the obligatory indication of
      the email address from which the account was registered.

    2. In order to stop recurring payments, you need to go to the Personal Account page on the
      main page "My Courses" by clicking on the "Cancel" button below, after which the
      automatic debiting of funds will be suspended, if you delete the account without
      canceling the subscription, the funds continue to be debited in accordance with the

    3. The Company also has the right, at its sole discretion, to block the accounts and IP
      addresses of certain Members who violate these Terms.


    1. The Company reserves the right to change or disable, temporarily or permanently, the
      Site (or any part of it) at any time without notice. You agree that the Company is not
      liable to you or any third parties for any changes, temporary stoppages or disruption of
      the Service.

    2. The Company has the right to suspend the operation of the Site to carry out the
      necessary scheduled preventive and repair work on the technical resources of the
      Company, as well as unscheduled work in emergency situations for up to 48 (forty-eight)
      hours or until technical problems are eliminated.

    3. The Company has the right to interrupt the operation of the Site if this is, in
      particular, due to the inability to use information channels that are not the Company's
      own resources, or the action and / or inaction of third parties, if this directly
      affects the operation of the Site, including in an emergency. The Company does not bear
      any responsibility to the Participant and does not compensate the Participant for any
      losses and / or lost profits, including those incurred by the Participant and / or third
      parties due to disclosure, loss by the Participant or theft of the Participant's
      credentials / registration data , as well as arisen or potential losses of the
      Participant due to delays, interruptions in work and inability to fully use the
      resources and Services of the Site, arising from the above reasons.

    4. The Company has the right to update the content, functionality of the Site at any time
      at its sole discretion. At the same time, the Company will take all reasonable measures
      to carry out work on such an update outside working hours, weekends and / or holidays,
      in order to avoid interruptions in the operation of the Website.


    1. When you become a user of the Site, you agree and give permission to receive emails from
      us. These emails may be messages about transactions or notices related to the operation
      of the Site, Services, such as: administrative notices and service announcements of
      changes, or emails containing commercial offers, promotional materials, special offers
      from us or information about the actions of other users in relation to your account.


    1. The Company is not responsible for the behavior, both online and offline, of any user of
      the Site.

    2. The Company does not assume responsibility for any errors, omissions, interruptions,
      deletion, damage or delay in work or operations, damage to communication lines, theft or
      destruction, or illegal access, or alteration of the communication lines of the user or
      the Member.

    3. The company is not responsible for any problems or technical problems with telephone
      networks or lines, computer online systems, servers or providers, computer equipment,
      software, mail or player problems in the account, or technical problems or congestion on
      the Internet, or on any Site or their combinations, including injury or damage to users
      and / or Members, or any third parties related to the computer, or as a result of
      participating in and downloading materials related to the network and / or the Service.

    4. Under no circumstances will the Company or any of its affiliates, advertising agents,
      founders or distribution partners be liable for any damage or damage, including personal
      injury or death, as a result of anyone's use of the Site or Service, any Content posted
      on Site or transmitted to the Participants, or any interactions between users of the
      Site, both online and offline.
    5. The Site and the Service are provided on an "AS IT IS" basis, and the Company expressly
      disclaims any guarantees or compliance with certain purposes, or the absence of a
      violation of anyone's rights. The Company cannot guarantee and does not promise any
      specific results from the use of the Site and / or Service.

    6. In addition to the previous paragraph and other provisions of this Agreement, any
      recommendations posted on the Site are for informational and entertainment purposes
      only, and cannot replace or replace any financial, medical, legal or other advice.

    7. The company does not make any representations or provide guarantees and expressly
      disclaims any liability associated with the perception, actions taken or the influence
      on any person of the information posted or provided on the Site or through it. If you
      have any specific questions or are faced with a situation in which you need professional
      or medical advice, please contact the appropriate qualified specialists.

    8. Except in jurisdictions in which the effect of such provisions is limited, the Company
      shall under no circumstances be liable to you or any third party for indirect,
      consequential, incidental, intentional or other damages, including also loss of profits,
      arising from your use of the Site or the Service, even if the Companies have disclosed
      the possibility of such losses. Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary contained
      in this agreement, the obligations of the Company to you for any damage, regardless of
      its nature, in no case can exceed the amount paid by you to the Company, if any, for
      using the Service during the term of your subscription.

    9. The Company provides the Site and Service on an "as is" and "as possible" basis, and
      makes no guarantees, direct, implied or otherwise, in relation to the Service or the
      Site (including all content contained therein), including any implied guarantees of
      satisfactory quality , merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or no
      copyright infringement. The Company does not represent or warrant that the Site or
      Service will be uninterrupted and error-free, reliable, or that any defects or errors on
      the Site or Service will be corrected. Access to any material downloaded or otherwise
      obtained as a result of using the service or site is at your discretion and risk, and
      you hereby accept full responsibility and waive any items and grounds for claims in
      relation to any damage to your computer system, internet access, download and display
      devices, or data loss or corruption that occurs or may occur as a result of downloading
      any such material. If you do not accept these limitations of liability, you are not
      entitled to download or receive any materials using the Service or Site.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding this Agreement.